Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Body Contouring Surgery

 Macrolane™ injectable body contouring injections have received a lot of press since their launch in 2008, with millions of women keen to know how to boost their cup size without the need for surgery. Developed by Q-Med, the manufacturers of the dermal filler Restylane, Macrolane™ is an injectable hyaluronic acid gel designed to enhance, contour and augment areas of the body. Not suitable for use in the face, Macrolane’s most popular use is in the breast, where it can increase your cup size by 1-2 cup sizes in just an hour.

As much as good dieting and exercise can help shed excess skin and fat, in many cases these measures cannot fully address the problem. That’s where body contouring procedures offered by UF surgeons come in to help you accomplish your goals of a more proportioned body.

Body contouring combines safe, innovative cosmetic surgery techniques with the skill and experience of Naples Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Manuel Peña to help you shape and refine problem areas. There are a variety of advanced body contouring options to choose from, and you can even combine procedures into one surgery.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Body Contouring Devices Market About to Explode

The market is primarily from increased patient awareness of procedures available to those displaced, the report said. This is complemented by a number of factors relating to the supply side of the market. The increase in the number of players in the body shaping market and thus has led to intense competition between companies. This will likely lead to lower prices in the near future more and more affordability for the patient.

Non-invasive devices are the fastest growing category in the body shaping device with the associated benefits, such as downtime, cost-effectiveness and a better efficacy in fat reduction market driven. The emerging economies will be the focal point for newcomers and existing companies in this market. Emerging markets have tremendous potential for body contouring procedures due to rising incomes, which in turn will improve affordability. The rest of the developed economies is an important factor in the growth of body contouring device market. In 2010, the sale of body shaping equipment rose in the United States and Europe by about 30% to 40% in 2009. Lack of consideration for aesthetic procedures, together with the need for multiple treatments, the greatest caution in this market.

The U.S. contribution to the global body contouring device market $ 330 million in 2010 and is expected to reach $ 700 million in 2017, with annual growth of 11%. The United States is the largest market for body shaping devices, and will remain so in the future. The U.S. market for body contouring devices is currently dominated by minimally invasive devices, in contrast to Europe and Asia Pacific. This is due to the fact that many non-invasive devices that are approved and are suitable for use in Europe and Asia still on the FDA approval in the United States.

As a result, the FDA-approved for other non-invasive devices are expected in the near future, which is driving the market for body shaping devices in the United States. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAP), 80% of U.S. citizens are dissatisfied with their look and aesthetic surgery, 90% of these patients opt for a non-invasive devices because the cost-effectiveness and minimal discomfort the patient. The merger of minimally invasive and noninvasive devices on the market to suppress the body shaping devices in the United States.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Body Contouring

As we age, the harder it becomes to lose weight and keep the body shape we desire. For this reason, many treatments are introduced, which can help reduce men and women or to remove unwanted fat for a streamlined shape, such as liposuction. D'Alene and Spokane Heart men and women with excess fat that does not seem to respond to diet and exercise alone, consider one of the many body contouring procedures, see Advanced Aesthetics.

Advanced Aesthetics offers Smartlipo ™ for Heart and Spokane d'Alene residents. This is a minimally invasive surgical treatment for fat reduction, laser light is used effectively to liquefy unwanted fat cells so they can be easily removed from the body. As an alternative to the traditional method of liposuction, Spokane, WA area has to offer SmartLipo treatments, the same results with less risk, less pain and less downtime. For men and women looking for body contouring procedures in Spokane, Smartlipo is an innovative way to remove excess fat and unwanted.

This crisis areas on the body, most of us, unfortunately you can not go out with a plan. For my part, I have excess fat on my waist, which is always present, regardless of whether I have less body fat 4% or 24% body fat. Why should it be? It seems so unfair!

Well, the fat cells in our bodies like little beach balls. Each beach ball is bigger and smaller than we gain or lose weight. But regardless of the size of beach ball will change the distribution or the number of beach balls do not change in a particular area. For example, the reason I deal with love, because the number of beach balls in this area is larger than the surrounding areas. If I lose weight, the beach balls to be smaller, but there's more in this area.
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